Programme Support

Programme Support

Programme Checker

In Scouting we like to know what we’re delivering is what we should be doing. After all, everyone has something to work towards and these tools are designed to give our section leaders the support that they need to ensure that they are providing  the quality programme that our young people deserve.

Our ultimate aim is to get more young people and leaders to join and this tool is designed to help us do just that job.

Below are tools which can help deliver a balanced program to all sections.

You Shape

Giving Young People a Voice

To meet our Vision, young people across all of our sections will have the opportunity to have their voice heard. Their inout will be welcome in all aspects of Scouting, within the group, the activities of the section and group and more widely, the development of the group.

We encourage our young people to share ideas, learn from and teach each other and take an active part in decision making. After all, there’s no point in us delivering Scouting if it’s not enjoyed by the young people that turn up each week. Whatever the age of the young people, we have methods to involve them, whether it’s a vote between two games at a Beaver Scout meeting or a detailed plan for the termly Explorer Scout Programme.

Why is it important?

We believe that young people should be the people involved in the decision making, making sure that we deliver Scouting that is both current and relevant to our young people. We want our sections to be interesting, so we ask our young people what interests them.